Premium ingredients,

No preservatives

  • Colorful bonbons on a black plate and a piece of cloth

    Choco De Bon is a woman-owned US chocolate brand that was launched in 2022 by Noor Alshahwani. The business is directed to customers seeking special gifts and healthier self-treats. Choco De Bon offers handcrafted luscious chocolate treats using fine ingredients and no preservatives.

  • Brown bonbon on a plate with a spoon

    In her journey as a mother of two precious kids, baking and chocolate making has been a quality time activity that her family and she always cherished. She started a cake line where she had blast creating so many customized cakes to make my customers’ event always extra special.  

    As much as she loved baking cakes, she found herself more in making chocolates and bonbons. She absolutely love creating delicious, toothsome flavors that are presented to you gracefully. She took classes with famous chocolatiers to further advance herself and it was all wrapped up in creating Choco De Bon. 

  • You know what they say, “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get.” you’ll always get something mouthwatering and unforgettable from Choco de Bon. 

  • Fox40 news number 3

    Interview #3 with Sacramento’s Fox40 News

    Choco De Bon was on Sacramento’s @fox40news @studio40live live Jan 22,2024.

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