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Choco De Bon

Bonbon - Small Box of Chocolate Bonbons

Bonbon - Small Box of Chocolate Bonbons

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Imagine unwrapping the crisp white box, anticipation building with each fold. Inside, nestled like precious gems, lie 4 decadent dome-shaped glossy finish bonbons, each showcasing a different flavor adventure. Their smooth, glossy shells, adorned with subtle Choco De Bon insignia, promise an experience beyond the ordinary.

The first, a deep chocolate dome, entices with the promise of Peanut praline masterpiece. The chocolate shell shatters with a delightful snap, revealing a crunchy center studded with roasted peanuts, a symphony of sweet and salty on your palate. Next, a molten Caramel. As you bite in, the rich chocolate yields, releasing a wave of buttery sweetness that lingers on your tongue with a smooth texture. Then, a Hazelnut dream unfolds. The crunchy texture bursts with the heady aroma of toasted hazelnuts, its sweetness balanced by a hint of nutty complexity.
Finally, the grand finale: Pistachio delight awaits. The vibrant green praline filling, studded with crunchy pieces, offers a satisfying textural contrast and a subtle earthy undertone that perfectly complements the chocolate's depth.

Each bite of these Choco De Bon creations is a journey for the senses, a luxurious indulgence crafted with passion and the finest ingredients. They are not simply bonbons; they are edible art, waiting to be savored and shared with loved ones. So, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and prepare to be swept away by the exquisite flavors of this Choco De Bon treasure box.



Contains soy, milk, wheat, nut.

Store at room temperature.

Handmade by Choco De Bon in California, USA.

Shipping & Returns

We Ship Monday through Friday. After you place your order, an email with delivery tracking information will be sent to you after the fulfillment of the product.

Since this product is a food item, we do not accept returns. However, if you were not satisfied with our product please contact us, and we will do our best to make it right.

Care Instructions

We recommend you enjoy the chocolates within 10 days of purchase.
Keep in a cool dry place (ideally between 64-70ºF)

Please do not refrigerate unless it is necessary.

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